DTF  ” Reay To Ship Transfers “

” Best Dad Ever Dad “

These transfers can be applied to any Fabric of 100% cotton,

50%  cotton 50% polyester, denim, and many more.

just press for 10 seconds at 150 c (300 F) let it cool, remove the film &

presses using a Teflon sheet for 10 more seconds and it’s done.

for more information see the application instructions.

if you require assistance, you can always email us

at orders@canadadtf.com

Please note: This is only a DTF transfer ” T-shirt is not included in the price.

10″  X 9″ 


"Milti-Color", "Black", "White"


"4-inch", "6-inch", "8-inch", "10-inch", "12-inch"

Best Dad Ever Dad


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